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  • The tray made by great and safety non-toxic disposable brown kraft paper for food, and the natural Kraft paper can be recycled.
  • Heat-resistant, Oilproof, Waterproof. You can use this food tray to hold food for microwaving, freezing or reheating.
  • A convenient way to carry food at a birthday party or picnic and it is perfect for sharing with friends and Family. An essential for restaurant, take-away food, snack bar or any party to serve foods.
  • Order units: 500
  • Custom Logo print service.
  • Info of delivery service, please visit: <Delivery>

White Paper Soup Bowl

PriceFrom HK$0.05
  • 8OZ-A Ø90x73x60

    12OZ-A Ø90x73x90mm

    16OZ-A Ø96x75x100mm

    24OZ-A Ø115x93x88mm

    26OZ-A Ø118x110x95mm

    32OZ-A Ø118x135x95mm

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