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We root for Hong Kong environmental protection.

Today, we have a beautiful harbour because our last generation did not over consume and valued environment. Envision if our next generation will continue to preserve the scene and enjoy convenient lifestyle at the same time in our homeland – the Earth.


Environmental pollution has caused serious damage to our homeland. Most of the one-time disposable tableware are made from plastic, a key source of solid pollutant, some are buried deep in our landfill, and some are drift into ocean. These plastic will continue to pollute our land for next 100 years. Plastic straws have nowadays seriously affected aquatic life, which plastic micro-molecules pass through food chain into our body, gradually affecting our health in an invisible manner. We must take collaborative effort to our current consumption habits and use biodegradable tableware made from natural materials for a sustainable future. Our home and next generation could be protected only if we perceive the origin of pollution.


EMCONNION is dedicated to promoting restaurant environmental technology products for many years. BEANFUN series is specific addressed to biodegradable environmentally friendly paper packaging boxes, take-out tableware and utensils. Our products have passed SGS, FDA, FSC certification, and the production plant has obtained TUVRheinland certification to ensure ultra product hygiene and safety. Our company focuses on CPLA degradable products, which clear up pollution problems from shopping bags and straws. The products are best suited for Hong Kong's landfill waste disposal.


Under the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for takeaway services has dramatically increased, which has also led to a significant environmental pollution. We, Emconnion, are fully support in reducing the use of plastic takeaway boxes. Encouraging and support restaurants to use paper or biodegradable packaging boxes and eventually reduce the reliance on plastic package items.


We can provide logo/printing service. Reinforce customer experiences with restaurants and retailers.


If you have any inquiry or cooperate, please contact:

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