• Visual style, suitable for cold dish/salad. Need the invisible ones, please visit:<INVISIBLE>
  • Eco-friendly: Made from 100% recycled natural Kraft paper. This cardboard containers are completely compostable and is an alternative to foam, aluminium and plastic packaging. This eco-friendly take out boxes is perfect for any environmental friendly customer.
  • Sturdy and lightweight: This paper food containers are stackable and have variety of sizes to choose from, which is ideal for restaurants and food vendors.
  • Anti-fog pet flat lid.
  • Order units 200pcs
  • Info of delivery service, please visit: <Delivery>

Visual Salad Box Kraft Paper Food Box with Clear Pet Lid 200 Sets

  • # Number    Capacity

    upper length/bottom length * upper width/bottom width  * height

    • #1      500ML (150x100x39mm)
    • #3      700ML (168x118x45mm)
    • #4      900ML  ( 170*135*46mm)
    • #6    1200ML   (200*140*49mm)
    • #8    1600ML   (221*153*59mm)
    • #9     2100ML   (218*164*64mm)