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Material and Durability:

  • The drinking tubes are made of a three-layer double-sided water-based coating paper.
  • They are stronger and more durable than ordinary paper straw.
  • These straw can withstand cold and heat and are suitable for beverages at various temperatures.

Production and Safety:

  • The straw are produced using fully automatic ultrasonic equipment.
  • No glue is required for bonding, making them safer and more hygienic.
  • They have no peculiar smell and won’t affect the taste of beverages.
  • Ideal for specialty coffee, milk tea, and fruit tea.

Certifications and Eco-Friendly:

  • The product holds certifications from EU DIN CERTCO, Australian HOME COMPOSTING, and FSC.
  • It also complies with Hong Kong’s green table plastic-free product standards.

These features make these drinking straw an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers!

Order please contact us.

Paper Straw with Aqueous Coating

PriceFrom HK$25.00
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