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  • This Kraft Paper Food Container is perfect for serving both hot and cold meals. With two compartments, it can easily hold a variety of foods. It is made from recycled natural Kraft paper, making it an eco-friendly alternative to foam, aluminum and plastic packaging. This package includes 200 containers, allowing you to feed large groups with ease.
  • For single-compartment containers, please visit <SINGLE>. To see the visual style, please visit <VISUAL>.
  • Order units 200pcs.

Kraft Paper Food Container 2 Compartments 200 pcs

PriceFrom HK$1.90
  • # Number    Capacity

    upper length/bottom length * upper width/bottom width  * height

    • #5   1080ML   (168*135*50mm) 
    • #2    1400ML  ( 178*137*65mm)
    • #3    1500ML   (213*137*46mm)
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