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  • The Clear Glass Bottle & Twist-Off Aluminum Lid is great for storing cold brew coffee, juices, and other cold drinks. Glass is both recyclable and reusable, so it’s a fab eco-conscious choice for home and commercial use. This bottle comes with a 38mm twist-off lid. Just pick the closure that best matches your brand or product!
  • Sticker service for branding
  • 100ml/200ml/250ml/300ml/500ml available
  • For PET disposal version, plase contact our CS.

Cold Brew Coffee and Beverage Glass Bottle

PriceFrom HK$4.00
  • 100ML: 65*30*120MM -120PCS

    200ML:78*31*140MM - 100PCS

    250ML:83*40*160MM - 80PCS

    350ML:86*40*177MM - 80PCS

    500ML"101*50*200MM - 60 PCS

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