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  • These portable coffee filter paper bags are designed with hanging ear hook, which is easy to use. A cup of good coffee can be brewed in less than 5 minutes. Once you've made your coffee, just dispose of the filter bag.
  • The filter can remove most of the oil, and filter out all the residues and foam. Keep the coffee smooth, pure and original. The drip bags are small and can be carried with you. They are very suitable for making coffee and tea at home, camping, traveling or in the office.
  • Our filter paper bag is made of high quality non-woven material, which is easy to decompose, more environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment.
  • This portable filter bag is suitable for most cups and mugs. Enjoy your favorite loose leaf tea and let it suffocate. The best choice for bulk tea filter bag.

  • MOQ:100PCS

Coffee or Tea Drip Bag

PriceFrom HK$0.60
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  • Drip bag filter: 75X90mm

    Conical shape filter: 80x90mm

    Drip Bbag pocket: 100X100mm


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