• 100% paper materials can be degraded without pollution.
  • Inside PE lamination achieve the water proofing and grease proofing.
  • Grease paper available to use with the box, please visit: <GREASE PAPER>
  • 3 Layer cardboard paper (350gsm) durable for use.
  • Order units 200pcs.
  • Another biodegradable bagasses burger box, please visit: <ECO BURGER BOX>
  • Custom logo and print are accepted. MOQ 10000 pcs
  • SF delivery and delivery fee to collect. Free delivery service over HKD1400.00.
  • Info of delivery service, please visit: <Delivery>

Burger & Hot Dog Cardboard Paper Box

  • Burger S- 102*105*80mm, MOQ 250

    Burger M- 113*111*100mm, MOQ 200

    Hot Dog S- 208*70*75mm, MOQ 200

    Hot Dog M- 170*91*85mm, MOQ 200

    Hot Dog L- 205*106*76mm, MOQ 200

    Dish Box S- 204*106*96mm, MOQ 150

    Dish Box M-178*160*75mm, MOQ 150

    Dish Box L-290*170*80mm, MOQ 100