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  • This Biodegradable White Paper Pe Coating Food Box is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to foam, aluminium and plastic packaging. Made from recycled natural white paper, it is fully compostable and will decompose without any harm to the environment. It is easy to open from the top, making it ideal for your take-out needs, while still providing a secure seal for your food. With this box, you can be sure to provide your customers with an environmentally friendly solution for their food packaging needs.
  • Customized made is avaliable.

Kraft Paper Pe Coating Food Container Flip Cover

PriceFrom HK$1.60
Out of Stock
  • Capacity & Size

    upper length/bottom length * upper width/bottom width  * height

    • 800ML     (133*104*64mm)
    • 1000ML   (168*136*50mm)
    • 1400ML    (170*138*65mm)
    • 1500ML    (215*158*46mm)
    •  2000ML   (215*158*63mm)
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