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  • The Eco Friendly Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic Bowl.  Completely free from toxins and easily compostable.
  • Strong and Sturdy Enough for Even Hot Soup. Made from 100% natural fiber is a great choice for serving even hot or cream soup.
  • Microwaveable and Freezer-Safe: This bowls are freezer and microwave safe. 
  • Bagasse lid  seals tightly which makes these bowls great for food delivery services and takeaway vendors.
  • Larger bowl option, please visit <LARGER>
  • 350/450/550ml order units 200 sets; 600/700/850ml order units 150 sets. 
  • Info of delivery service, please visit: <Delivery>

(STOCK) Biodegradable Bagasses Bowl White Ø131-159

PriceFrom HK$1.65
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