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Crafted from premium poplar wood with greaseproof paper liner, allows to lift of focaccia or meatloaf. The wood loaf pans can be used in the oven up to 220°C, and are microwaveable, making them ideal for effortable baking and reheating in the same container.

This wooden pan can be stackable to save storage space. 

Price with greaseproof paper.

Order MOQ 200pcs

Wooden Baking Molds Loaf Pans

PriceFrom HK$3.00
Out of Stock
  • #1 174*115*57mm

    #2 181*110*39mm

    #3 120x90x40mm

    #4 115x65x33mm

    #5 245x115x57mm

    #6 140x95x50mm

    #7 80x60x30mm

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