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This Aqueous Coating Plastic Free Paper Cup is an eco-friendly product certified by Flustix to meet the GREEN TABLE standard.

It is made from pure kraft paper, and is designed to degrade without causing pollution. The cup also comes with an optional compostable bagasses cup lid for an extra eco-friendly touch.

With this product, you can enjoy your beverage knowing you are helping to reduce plastic waste.

Aqueous Coating Plastic Free Paper Cup Flustix / Din Certification

PriceFrom HK$1.00
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  • upper daimeter * bottom diameter *  height(mm)

    • 8OZ    80*57*90mm
    • 10OZ  90*57*90mm
    • 12OZ  90*57*112mm
    • 16OZ   90*58*135mm
    • 12OZ   90*58*163mm
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