• Eco-Friendly Material: Non-woven fabric is non-toxic and odorless; can be recycled and reused.
  • Creative Design: The style is novel, the shape is unique, the stretching is good, the product line is beautiful, and it shows vividly after putting cups & boxes inside. Thin as a cicada's wings and thick as felt.
  • Sizing & Usage :  There are three sizes: large, medium and small; Suitable for various capacity of cups and take-away boxes.
  • Custom label 
  • SF delivery and delivery fee to collect. Free delivery service over HKD800.00.

Non-Woven Mesh Bag 500 pcs

  • Size / Measurment / Suggest usages

    Small: 20cm * 20 cm          1 cup 8oz-16oz 

    Medium: 22cm * 25 cm     1 cup 20oz - 24oz / bowl & box

    Large: 32.5cm * 34cm       2 cups /bowls / boxes