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  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: 100% Biodegradable, Compostable, and Recyclable Disposable Food Boxes. Made from Natural Sugar Cane Pulp/Wheat Straw Fibre. It’s a safe and non-toxic alternative to plastic food containers
  • MICROWAVEABLE & FREEZER SAFE: Bagasse burger boxes are freezer and microwave safe. These clam shell boxes won’t tear, crack or disintegrate when heated or frozen. The temperature range that can withstand is: -20-120 degrees。
  • Embossed design and smooth surface.
  • Other style of clamshell, please visit < CLAMSHELL>
  • Can be used with grease paper. please visit <GREASE PAPER>
  • Order unit 250 pcs.
  • Info of delivery service, please visit: <Delivery>

Clamshell Burger Box w/ multi-compartment

  • 8 inch: 220 * 200 * 77mm

    9 inch: 232 * 232 * 80 mm

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