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  • ORGANIC:  Our cups are made of PLA. Compostable and biodegradable material produced from plant-base materials. They will quickly degrade in a controlled composting environment! 
  • DESIGN: This PLA cups proform similar to plastic look which is high clear. The eco design will be a great tool in our fight against conventional plastics! Spread to your friends and family about the great alternatives to plastic based products and show them that you are caring about the environmental protection.
  • USAGE: PLA sauce cups are maximum liquid temperature should not exceed 42°C! Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Flat Lids only.
  • Minimun order 500 pcs. And customized logo Qty 20000 Pcs, please contact our cs for details.
  • The price of PLA material changes frequently, and we will adjust the price from time to time. 

Biodegradable PLA Transperant Sauce Cups w/ Lid 500 pcs