• ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from 100% recycled natural Kraft paper. This cardboard containers are completely compostable and is an alternative to foam, aluminium and plastic packaging. This eco-friendly take out boxes is perfect for any environmental friendly customer.
  • PERFECT BOX: This Kraft paper take away container is easy to open from the top, so that you can pack your food very quickly. Even your customers can also carry it easily.
  • MICROWAVEABLE, FREEZER SAFE & LEAK-RESISTANT: This cardboard containers can withstand temperatures from -40 to 130 C making them completely microwave or freezer safe! This food boxes has greaseproof material so prevent oil cannot come out of it and also It can reduce heat loss. Suitable for hot, cold, wet or dry foods.
  • STURDY AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This paper food containers are stackable and have variety of sizes to choose from, which is ideal for restaurants and food vendors.
  • Anti-fog pet flat lid.
  • Order units 100pcs, carton box pack 200pcs. 
  • SF delivery and delivery fee to collect. Free delivery service over HKD800.00.

Kraft paper salad container 2 compartments 100 pcs

  • # Number    Capacity

    upper length/bottom length * upper width/bottom width  * height

    • #1      700ML   (172*118*45mm) 
    • #2      900ML  ( 172*133*45mm)
    • #3    1200ML   (203*140*52mm)
    • #4    1600ML   (216*154*57mm)
    • #5     2100ML   (222*164*62mm)