• Eco-Friendly: These earth friendly disposable dinnerware are a perfect way to go green without giving up on the sturdiness of the food container. It's better for the environment than using plastic.
  • Corn Starch Material: These food container  are strong and durable and can hold heavier food. Withstands boiling liquids without the sides or bottoms becoming overly hot, soggy, or damaged, and also it's leak-proof. Your hands will safely hold it.
  • Safety: Our all-natural food container will not transfer harmful chemicals to your food. Nor will they melt, leak or deform when heated in the microwave or regular oven. So your food stays safe.
  • Available in different capacities / compartment / sizes.
  • Order units 100pcs.
  • Custom sticker or sleeve Logo service.
  • SF delivery and delivery fee to collect. Free delivery service over HKD800.00.

Compostable Corn Starch Food Container w/LId 100pcs

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