• MATERIALS: This Corn-starch cutlery made from plant-based corn-starch provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard plastic. They are 100% compostable.
  • Extra Comfortable Grip: This Corn-starch cutlery have 6/7/8 inc long size which are comfortable and perfect to hold and cut any food. 
  • High Heat Tolerance: Our eco-friendly disposable cutlery are heat resistant up to 85°C. These cutlery will not get soften like other disposable in heat. It is microwave safe.
  • Health & Durable: These cutlery are made of Corn-starch so it is safe for your health. It is thick enough to reuse and you can use it for hot and cold foods.
  • About Compostable: Unlike plastic, corn starch material can also be disposed of through incineration, resulting in non-toxic smoke and a white residue that can be used as fertilizer. After use, CPLA cutlery can be composted in industrial/commercial composting facilities within 180 days. Its end products are water, carbon dioxide, and nutrient biomass that can support plant growth.
  • Order units 500/100 pcs .
  • All 2/3 sets will free offer the paper pocket for self packaging.
  • Info of delivery service, please visit: <Delivery>

Compostable CPLA corn starch cutlery 100 pcs/sets

  • 6“  Knife: 160*15mm

    6"  Spoon:145*31mm

    6"  Fork:150*25mm

    7"  Knife: 170*37mm

    7"  Fork: 165*25mm

    8"  Knife:189*20mm

    8"  Fork:178*27mm

    8"  Spoon:150*38mm